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April 11, 2019

How to Succeed as a Tween Photographer

Tween photography may not be most popular niche, but who says it can’t be very lucrative - definitely not photographer Audrey Woulard! In this article on Professional Photographer, Audrey explains how to achieve success in this unique niche, using her own experience.

Audrey has been in the photography industry for over 15 years but didn’t start off photographing young teens. Originally a newborn photographer, Audrey challenged the status quo by strategically targeting tweens, a segment many photographers avoid. Now she has an impressive clientele of 98% tweens in her business. In this article, Audrey shares various marketing tactics, explaining how to connect with the right audience.

“I think the tween market deserves more recognition,” she said. “It should be an age that is treated as a milestone as opposed to something that people skip over. After all, this is the very last stage when these kids are still kids. That alone deserves to be celebrated.”

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