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April 03, 2020

Interested in How Other Photographers are Spending Time Stuck at Home, Managing Refunds and Placing Insurance Claims? Head Over to theLoop and Join the Conversation Today!

You may be stuck at home due to the COVD-19 crisis but that doesn’t mean you can’t stay connected. Head over to theLoop to see what other photographers in the PPA  community are talking about!

“How to Handle Refunds for Canceled Weddings/Events”

Asking as both a photographer and a Mother of the Groom, this looper needs to know if other photographers are giving deposit refunds for canceled events due to the outbreak. Although her son's wedding was canceled this week, their photographer said that they will not be issuing a refund and will most likely be charging them for the full amount. 

So far, loopers have suggested watching the Navigating Wedding Contracts webinar, using a non-refundable wedding fee when booking, and returning all scheduling fees to their clients. If you are a wedding photographer, and can offer some advice to this looper on how you’re handling your canceled events during the outbreak, head on over to theLoop to join in on the conversation.

“Insurance Claims and COVID-19”

It’s no secret that this outbreak has taken a toll on many people’s business income, but what if there was a way to get some of that money back?  By filing a claim, through an existing Business Owner's Policy (BOP), you might be able to receive a payout for your situation. The worst thing an insurance company can say is no, but given the situation, anything is worth a shot. 

To learn more about filing an insurance claim, head over to this post.

“Computer Camera-Conference Calls & Online Conferencing” 

Many people are turning to digital options for communicating with clients during this time, so it makes sense that people are asking for advice on this topic. One Looper is considering purchasing a camera for their computer to conduct visual conference calls with their clients.

 They are looking for suggestions on what kind of camera will give them the most bang for their buck. Some in the community suggest he may not even need to purchase a separate camera if his computer already has a built-in webcam while others advise on the cameras they currently use! If you have suggestions or want to learn more about the advice already being offered, head on over to this post on the loop! 

Another member is looking for advice on platforms for digital conferences that will offer a good quality connection. Loopers are offering advice on different platforms but are also advising how to check internet speeds, using proper lighting and backgrounds, and even ways to use cell phones when people do not have a computer or high-speed internet access. Join in on the conversation and check out all the advice being given on this post. 

“What are you Working on During This Time?”

There has been a lot of conversation on the loop as members discuss what they’re doing to stay motivated, proactive, and creative while stuck at home. Responses have varied from creating new blog and video content, writing books, guides and other educational resources, and editing and culling images from past events and projects. Loopers have also been digitally restoring old family photos, updating online stores to sell prints, improving websites and reviewing SEO, and more. 

If you want to join in on the conversation, add your advice, and see what your community is saying, be sure to head over to theLoop and contribute to this post!

Do you have a blog on your website??

This thread was created on theLoop to allow members to share their thoughts on blogging. If YOU have a blog on your site we would love to hear what kind of content you publish, how often you post, and what you are working on currently. Share some of your examples in this thread! There are already a great range of responses on the post, from someone who’s just started a blog since being forced to stay at home to someone sharing older evergreen posts while working on new content. 

To chime in on what you are working on, head on over to this post on theLoop! 


Don’t forget that another great way to spend your time is by exploring the educational photography resources that we have to offer. Whether you’re a member or a nonmember, you’ll be able to access everything we have to offer. Don’t wait until tomorrow; expand your photography education today!