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April 29, 2020

Looking for a New Way to Challenge Your Photography Skills? Put Your Techniques to the Test With These At Home Projects

11 Things Photographers Can Do During The Coronavirus Outbreak

Are you looking for ways to improve your photography while you’re at home? Look no further! John Duder will give you a new perspective on working from home with 11 photography concept projects in this Ephotozine article! To get you excited about mastering new techniques, Duder starts by suggesting a technique called focus stacking. This requires you to place your camera on a tripod and take a manually focused series of images of different sections of the subject. When you’re done, you'll combine the photos to form one single image. This is a great way to challenge your skills with manual focus! 

Durder also recommends submitting images to online photography competitions (like our District Photographic Competitions), capturing an expressive portrait of yourself, or creating and photographing a still life series as ways to test your technical & creative skills during this time. To learn more and discover all of these creative tips & ideas, be sure to read the full article! 


Fun Photography Projects to Work on During COVD-19 

Don’t let your time at home get in the way of having a little fun! This Fstoppers article by Megan Breukelman will keep you creative during your downtime. If you’re looking for ways to challenge yourself, consider taking a photo of the same object every day from a different perspective. By the end of the month, you'll have taught yourself over 30 perspectives to use for your clients! You’ll also learn new ways to adapt to lighting, color, and your equipment! Breuklman also suggests hopping on the Facetime Photoshoot trend! During your Facetime session, you’ll have options for getting the best shot including taking screenshots of your clients or pointing your DSLR at your phone or computer screen to take the photo. This is a great opportunity to discover a unique way to interact with and provide photography services to your clients!

What are you waiting for? Pick one of the projects from this list and get started! 

23 Home Photography Projects: The best ideas for staying creative during lockdown

If you need a project for every day of the week for the rest of the year, we’ve got the roundup for you! Techradar writers Chris Rowlands and Phil Hall found you a whopping 52 Projects to embark on. Some of the projects include manipulating smoke art in Photoshop (yes, it’s as cool as it sounds!), designing food landscapes for your figure models to explore, experimenting with deconstructed landscapes, creating optical illusions, and so much more! 

With so many projects to choose from, you're sure to find one (or more!) that speaks to you! 


How Photographers Get Creative in Times of COVD-19

Who says you need people to capture creative photos? With social distancing, photographers have turned to unconventional photo shoots to keep their creativity alive. Instead of relying on people for their artistic visions, these photographers are using something less life-like: toys. From dolls to legos, these photographers are using anything they can get their hands on to create fictional love stories. These photos may seem out of the ordinary, but they’re a fantastic way to show your clients that you’re still creating during this time. It might even give them some inspiration for their own sessions!

For a better look at how these photos turned out, head over to this Beloved Stories article.

Need more inspiration? If you’re interested in learning some new things or getting out of your comfort zone, be sure to spend some time exploring PPA's educational photography resources. PPA's online education will be accessible with a free PPA account until the end of May 2020, so don’t wait! Expand your photography & business skill set today!