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May 06, 2020

3 Ideas to Market Your Real Estate Photography Business

As a real estate photographer, you’ll likely experience fluctuations in the demand for your services and have some downtime when the market slows down. Make good use of this opportunity to hone in on your marketing strategy so you can set the stage for growth. 

Since you’ll likely be selling your services to real estate brokers, it’ll take some time to cultivate long-term relationships. You need to get your business on their radar, so you’ll be top-of-mind when the demand returns.

Here are some simple tactics for promoting your real estate photography business: 

Search Real Estate Listings

The most successful brokers use professional photographers because they know that images on a real estate listing can make or break a sale. However, there are still homeowners and agents who hastily snap a few photos on their phones for their listings.

Look up real estate sites such as Trulia, Zillow, or and seek out listings with low-quality photos. Reach out to the homeowners or real estate agents to pitch your service and offer to help improve their listings with better photos.

Ask for Referrals and Build Credibility

Real estate is a tight-knit industry, and word-of-mouth marketing is a highly effective way to promote your business. For example, ask friends and families about the real estate agents they have worked with before and ask for an introduction.

Don’t overlook the importance of building an online presence. Word of mouth is a powerful thing. After people hear great things about you, they’ll likely look you up online. Make sure your website has a stellar portfolio (e.g., showcasing before/after photos) as well as reviews and testimonials to build trust and communicate credibility.

You can also reinforce your expert status by improving your social media presence. One way you can improve your social media presence is by sharing the great results that brokers achieved with your photography. Also consider posting  behind-the-scenes pictures and videos to show your professionalism at work.

Implement an Email Marketing Campaign

While it’s important to attend networking events and to meet potential clients, some people may not be ready to engage your services right away. Save their contact information in a database and stay in touch with them using email marketing.

Personalize your emails to mention each recipient by name and their recent listings. Share insights on how to make the photos more effective and add value wherever appropriate so you can stay top-of-mind and be the first person they call when they need a photographer.

Final Thoughts

A well-designed marketing plan and a consistent outreach strategy can help you reach more potential clients, stay top-of-mind, and promote your real estate photography business.

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