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March 13, 2019

10 Cameras in 30 Days: One Photographer’s Experiment

Enter "PPA" in Google search. Whether you’re on a PC or a Mac the results are the same. This is true for photography tips, professional camera lenses, professional cameras and whatever else you can dream up searching.

With search, the keyword phrase you enter directly determines search results, not the type of computer you're using. Similarly, when professional photographers are asked, "What kind of camera do you use?" as a way to ascertain how to obtain comparable professional effects, the answer is, for the most part, it really doesn’t matter as much as one may think. What matters is skill and experience. 

If it's one thing that professional photographers know is that there is no one size fits all, camera-wise. If your desire is to be a professional photographer, use "whatever you do have, activate your creativity, and go out and create something beautiful," writes Christopher Malcolm.  

Malcolm experimented shooting with 10 different cameras in 30 days. The self-professed "Nikonian" details his experiences with cameras from Nikon, to Fuji and Canon on In the end, there are fantastic pieces of equipment for the professional photographer. Building your photographic knowledge will help you across the board and the equipment you select brings that knowledge and creativity full circle into a portfolio you can be proud of.