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October 09, 2019

Hate Networking? Learn How To Maximize Your Business Potential With These Tips and Tricks!

How to Overcome Your Hatred for Networking

Even though you might hate networking, the truth is that you need it to grow your business. Not everyone is naturally good at networking, but there are always ways to get better. In the MOO article, 6 networking tips for people who don’t like networking, the author points out that everyone struggles with networking at one point or another, but there are simple ways to make it easier for yourself. 

For instance, if you don’t like small talk, you can say exactly that. Tell the person next to you that you dislike small talk and odds are that they’ll agree with you. After that, it’ll be way easier to keep a natural conversation flowing without having to use crutch topics like the weather to keep the conversation going.  

If remembering people’s names is the hardest part of networking for you, there are ways to overcome this too. The author points out that repeating the person’s name through the conversation is a great way to keep their names fresh in your mind. That way you don’t have to worry about forgetting their names five minutes into the convo. 
There are so many other great tips, but you have to read the article to learn about them!