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May 06, 2022

3 Marketing Tactics to Jumpstart Your Wedding Photography Business

Wedding photography is a competitive field. Because of this, clients tend to seek out wedding photographers with a distinct style and a great reputation.

You must define your unique positioning and implement the right marketing strategies to capture your ideal clients’ attention. Consider doubling down on your marketing activities during the coming weeks, and set the stage for your business to grow. Here are some simple marketing tactics for promoting your wedding photography business: 

Define Your Audience and Highlight Your Style

Posting pictures on social media is great, but are you reaching the right people with the right content? Do you know what your ideal clients look for when they’re selecting a wedding photographer? 

Do some market research about your target audience, then use the information to tailor your marketing message and select the right channels to reach your target market. What social media platforms do they use the most? And at what days and times of the week? 

It would be best if you also understood how your unique style resonates with your ideal clients. This will help you highlight your approach and inject personality into your promotional copy. The end result is a loyal online following that can lead to real-world profits. Learn how to authentically and effectively market to your target niche by listening to this “Create Your Customer Avatar” webinar with Julie Reisler.

Build Strategic Alliances with Other Local Businesses

DJs, bands, food vendors, venue management companies, stylists—it truly takes a village to make a wedding happen. In particular, couples often book planners and venues before settling on a photographer. Focus on building relationships with these businesses so that you can find ways to promote each other’s services.  

For example, you can tag them on social media, write guest posts for each other’s blogs, and create a resources page on your website to share your partners’ information. Or, you could find ways to bundle your services together, creating a highly desirable deal for clients.

Don’t overlook the importance of building relationships with other photographers. You can collaborate on styled shoots and refer clients to each other to help couples find a photographer that best matches their needs. If you don’t know where to start searching for fellow photographers, consider using our Find-a-Photographer platform to find potential collaborators in your area.


Focus on Local and Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Most people use online searches to look for local service providers. It might seem needless to say, but make sure potential clients can actually find you online. Perform a Google search on you or your business. What are the results? What’s missing?

Boost your local SEO by publishing keyword-rich content on your website and including location-specific content to signal relevance to search engines. To gain more insight into enhancing your website’s SEO, watch Eden Bao’s webinar SEO: How My Website Went From Google Penalty Box to Page One. You can also connect with potential clients on social media by joining local groups or using location-specific hashtags on social media.

According to the Local Consumer Review Survey by Bright Local,  people trust online reviews as much as they trust recommendations from friends and families. Create your listings on online directories (e.g., Google, Yelp, Find a Photographer) and ask your past clients to submit a review to help boost your SEO and increase your credibility.

Build Your Social Media Presence

Visual content is particularly well-suited to social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. Many people use these sites to research, recommend, and evaluate wedding photographers.

Always include a location when you post an Instagram post, especially when shooting at popular venues. These geotagged posts will allow you to show up on the wedding venues’ location page, and future brides—your potential clients—may come across them. You can also use hashtags of the venues or your city to get in front of more potential clients.

When you post on Instagram, add captions so the audience can understand the content, even if they mute the videos. The copy should align with your brand personality and reflect your style to attract the ideal audience.

When marketing your business on Pinterest, name your boards to reflect your unique styles and the specific interest of your audience. While you should pin as often as you can, keep the quality of the images high and write detailed descriptions. Add watermarks (e.g., your business name and URL) to your photos so potential clients can easily find you.

You can also post “sneak peeks” on social media right after a wedding to capitalize on the excitement and momentum from potential clients who may be at the party. This allows you to showcase your work to your social following to generate more interest. If you want to delve deeper into improving your social media presence,  watch Cory Perlman’s webinar Online Reputation: Picture Perfect or Photo Bomb?

Final Thoughts

The right marketing tactics can help you stand out and attract clients who will resonate with your approach and appreciate your style. These happy customers will, in turn, post stellar reviews and send friends and families to your business, creating a virtuous cycle that will only keep growing.

For more business and marketing resources, check out PPA’s wide range of educational materials for photographers and consumer research reports to help you promote your photography business more effectively.