About the Class

On this edition of PPAedu Facebook Live, we will be joined by Victor Machado to talk about how “Google My Business” has become a key channel for businesses! Victor will break down the algorithms to help you maximize views by knowing how often to post, what images and messages to use, and which keywords will attract attention.

Key Points:
• Insights are the key to all other activities
• Post once a week (at a minimum) and generate over 7,000 views monthly
• Simple but thoughtful messages paired with a great image
• Give your audience an action that leads back to your business: "Learn More," "Book," "Call Now."
• Leverage the 4 special call-outs: What's New, Event, Offer, Product
• Set-up Products to match what you have on your website & show on Google searches
• *Pro-tip* Go deep in Services (leverage Insights!)
• Reviews matter now more than ever, but acknowledging them really moves you up in searches
• Messaging - Setup GMB on your mobile and be responsive!
• Define your Service Area in the Info section.

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