Thomas Dodd

Thomas Dodd is an Atlanta-based visual artist and photographer who has developed what he calls "painterly photo montage." In this method, he uses editing software and crafts elaborately textured pieces that have a very organic and decidedly non-digital look to them. His work often has mythic and quasi-religious themes, paying homage to Old Master art traditions while also drawing from psychological archetypes. Resembling paintings, his pieces are entirely photographic in nature, fusing many images into a cohesive whole, and he has had numerous exhibitions around the world.

Thomas’ exhibition schedule has included Poland, Germany, Romania, New York City, Mexico City, Orlando, San Antonio, Seattle, Washington, DC, Atlanta and is continually growing. His photographs have been featured in many magazines, on book and album covers and he frequently teaches workshops and webinars on photo-editing and marketing for artists. Ironically, Thomas was best known as a musician and harpist in the 1990s and did not start his visual artistry until 2005. Today, his images are basically a visual equivalent of the music he composed, and the results continue to astound and amaze. 

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