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February 14, 2020

This Valentine’s Day, Celebrate The Love You Have For Your Creative Outlet, Your Life’s Work—Your Photography. Here Are Some of Your Best Photography Love Stories

Valentines day is the time to celebrate the love of your life. No, we arent talking about that special someone in your life, we're talking about your craft! Photography is our passion here at PPA, and we love helping turn your passion into a profitable and sustainable business, but sometimes it’s great to focus on what drew you to this craft and brought you into this industry in the first place! In honor of Valentine's day, we gathered some of your wonderful and inspiring photography love stories to share here!


Shauna Raduske is a professional photographer who recently learned that she loves being behind the camera almost as much as being in front of it. She cherishes the opportunity to meet photographers from diverse backgrounds.

“I truly love learning as much as I can about my favorite hobby... and then making it a professional career! Although I'm new at it, I've been doing artistic endeavors for my whole life. Once I learned how much fun it was to be behind a camera, I was hooked! (I usually like being in front of one! Yep. I'm a ham!) The journey has been so awesome because I get to meet fabulous photographers around the world! Everyone is willing to help me strive to be better and I feel like I can do anything with this new community around me.”


Some of the best things in life are happy accidents, including Steve Russell's career as a photographer.

“I started in photography when my wife asked for a camera for Christmas. I found a nice one at a local pawn shop and put it in lay-away. I scrimped, skipping lunches to have money for it. (We had no discretionary income at that time.) When she opened her gift, she said ‘What is this?’ I said it is the camera you asked for. Well, to make a long story slightly shorter, she wanted a point and shoot; wasn't interested in learning to use a SLR. I couldn't return it so I began using it. I loved photography and have been hooked since.”


Gena Tussey M. Photog. Cr., CPP shared an inspiring story that resonated with her fellow PPA members in theLoop.

“The LOVE comes from a small group of people who helped me find my voice amidst the crowd screaming ‘you're not good enough, you're dumb’ to ‘go get 'em’. For me, photography began with a way to have a voice. I'm dyslexic and in the late 60's/early 70's that meant you had learning disabilities that were labeled as ‘retarded’. My 1st grade teacher told my parents I was so unteachable and slow that [they should] not expect much of me. Luckily, my aunt was a hearing and speech pathologist and quickly discovered what the issue was while my uncle handed me a Kodak Duoflex and said, ‘if you can't read the story, show me the story.’ I constantly look for ways to create the entire storyline within a single's my calling and my escape into another world of storytelling. I guess it worked, because I won 1st GIA this year in Creative Open…never let the world tell you that you don’t matter or don’t fit in.”


Looper Eric Wynn knows that it’s never too late to fall in love with photography.

“I have always admired great photos and longed to take great pics. But alas, a good camera eluded me until last Christmas. I am 60 and starting to travel the world, and I am learning the craft and filling the need I have for creative photographic expression. It's never too late to start.”


Meanwhile, Thomas Flanders, CPP is inspired by the praise and recognition he receives for his talent. To him, photography is like magic that he can create with his own two hands.

“I fell in love with photography the first time I saw a print magically appear in a developing tray when I was 14 years old. After that, like a musician that hears applause for the first time I became enthralled with showing off my skills to friends and family. Nothing has changed since becoming a professional. The sound of praise keeps me happy and passionate. The money is important of course, but without the praise I would pursue a different line of work.”


What made YOU fall in love with photography? If you aren’t a PPA member already, our organization gives you so much more to love about your craft and your community. Join the PPA family today!