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February 08, 2022

New Research Report: Insights on Wedding Photography Consumers

2022 is going to be a big year for weddings. In fact, according to The Wedding Report, there will be a record 2.47 million ceremonies held in 2022 with an average spend of $24,300. That’s the most weddings on record since 1984!

Whether you’re already an established photographer in this genre or you’re just getting started, PPA has a brand new resource to help you understand wedding photography consumers.

Understanding the market is just as important to your photography business as creating great images at competitive prices. That’s where the Consumer Insights: Wedding Photography report comes in. It helps you anticipate consumer expectations and target your brand to the things your clients want. That’s no small task, but it's crucial for your business that you stay up to date on those expectations and desires. That way, you can appeal to the right clients and help them have a stellar experience with you as a professional photographer.

In this informative report, you’ll find data that tells you who buys wedding photography, where they find their inspiration, and what their expectations are. You’ll also find these key takeaways about wedding photography consumers:

  • The wedding couple has the power of decision and purchase in the photographer selection process, and they consider multiple photographers before hiring.
  • Consumers shop online and are strongly influenced by social media. Online presence is important, but the most crucial step is meeting with a photographer in person.
  • Most consumers seek a photographer for a full day who can also offer videography and a customized product collection.

And that’s just the beginning! The Consumer Insights: Wedding Photography report includes more takeaways to help you hone your marketing and sales process, which in turn will make your photography business more appealing to a wider range of potential clients!

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