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June 28, 2023

3 Marketing Tactics to Revitalize Your Headshot Photography Business

When you run a headshot photography business, you want to ensure that you have a consistent stream of clients. A well-designed marketing plan can guide your promotional efforts and help you get the most of your marketing dollars. While you have some downtime, you can use the opportunity to research your ideal clients, prepare a marketing plan, and set up your business for the next stage of growth. Here are some simple tactics you can incorporate into your marketing plan to promote your headshot photography business: 


Cultivate Relationships with Past and Current Clients

Many people need to refresh their headshots every year or two. Keeping in touch with your current clients and staying top-of-mind is key to maintaining a reliable revenue stream. Not to mention, it’s cheaper to retain an existing client than to acquire a new one.

Reach out to past clients periodically by sending an email/text, making a phone call, or messaging them on social media. You can also offer discounted packages or gift cards that clients can purchase now and redeem later to generate more cash flow during slower times. 


Network with Career Coaches and Organizations

Most job seekers will need a good headshot for their job searches. Gain more exposure to these potential clients by networking with career counselors and organizations that help people find jobs.

Also, look for opportunities to get exposure to people who visit job sites (Monster, Indeed, Glassdoor) or freelancing platforms (Upwork, Fiverr). For instance, you can guest post on these sites to share your knowledge about how job seekers can prepare for a successful headshot session.

In addition, you can build strategic alliances with stylists and makeup artists to expand your reach and get exposure to more potential clients.


Strengthen Your Personal Brand

There are many styles when it comes to taking headshots, and clients seek out photographers whose approaches resonate with them. 

How you present yourself and your portfolio will attract a specific type of client. Use this time to build a personal brand and portfolio to showcase your signature style and attract your ideal clients.

While it may sound counterintuitive to “narrow down” your niche, it’ll benefit your business in the long run. You’ll be known as the go-to expert for a certain headshot style. This will help better direct your marketing dollars, which in turn allows you to charge a premium for your service.


Final Thoughts

Having a well-designed marketing plan and implementing a consistent networking strategy can help you reach a larger audience, stay top-of-mind, and promote your headshot photography business. For more business and marketing resources, check out PPA’s wide range of educational materials for photographers and consumer research reports to help you promote your photography business more effectively. 


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