Projectors for photographers

In-person sales with a projection presentation is a strategy that has given many photographers a boost in how much they sell to each client. But you might feel overwhelmed when you start looking to purchase your first one or even replace one you already own. There are so many options, specs, and price tags that a little guidance will go a long way. If you just want a place to start right, consider this compilation of projectors for photography studios.While the lines aren’t clearly drawn, there are three types of projectors on the market:High-end projectors provide better resolution, more lumens, and comprehensive image adjustment controls including optical lens shift.Mid-range projectors provide a healthy balance of features, have a better lens than entry-level options, are reasonably sized for on-the-go photographers, and have a price range that falls somewhere between $1,000 and $5,000.Entry-level projectors are budget-friendly, but you’ll sacrifice lumens, bells and whistles, and lens quality.Betsy Finn is the owner of Betsy’s Photography, a portrait photography studio in Dexter, Michigan.