Photo Gallery: Nathan McCreery’s Black-and-white Landscapes

“What resonates with me is the landscape, the world we live in,” says landscape fine art photographer Nathan McCreery. “I believe strongly that your work will be significant if it resonates with you, if it’s an expression of who you are. If you do work only because you get paid for it, then it will never become art for you. You have to express who you are as an emotional being.”To maintain his emotional connection to the work, McCreery takes dedicated photography trips three or four times a year. He goes where he can disconnect from the daily grind and simply photograph. “I go someplace where I can wipe my mind,” he says. “I don’t enter with any preconceived notions. I certainly don’t go looking for Ansel Adams’ tripod holes. I want to see and create something truly original.” RELATED: Learn more about McCreery's career path