Super①Day Photography Workshops

Twice a year, 100+ locations each time!

Professional development is key to your success as a small business owner and as a photographer. That's why twice a year, over 175 photo workshops are held across the country as photographers open their studio doors to help you become a better photographer or business owner. That’s the premise of the Super①Day photography workshops!

Super①Day classes run for two weeks, once in the Spring and once in the Fall. They allow PPA members and non-members alike to hone their skills and to better the photography industry. Sign up for one and you'll get the opportunity to take daily workshops covering subjects like:

  • Portrait, wedding, landscape, and commercial photography
  • Posing and lighting
  • Digital retouching and workflow
  • Sales and marketing for photographers
    And more!

All photographic classes will be held October 7-21, 2019 so you'll be able to find one that fits your educational needs and your schedule!

The Benefits of Super①Day

First and foremost, Super①Day connects with other photographers in your area. These classes are meant to help you become a better photographer and fit into your busy schedule! 

Photographers don’t have to be a PPA member to participate. PPA members get an extra bonus from participating: they'll receive one Service Merit for each class attended! These come handy when working towards your PPA photographic degrees

Find a Class Near You

For two weeks in October, dozens of studios across the country will invite attendees to join daily workshops featuring portrait and wedding photography, posing and lighting, digital retouching and workflow, and sales and marketing strategies. It's a chance you won't want to miss—a full day of photography education brought to you by fellow professional photographers. All photographic classes will be held October 7-21, 2019 so you'll be able to find one that fits your educational needs and your schedule!

Find A Class


Online registration will open August 12, 2019. Each class will be available for the $99 rate through October 6, 2019.

Our Super 1 Day participants vary in their specialties and locations, but they all seem to agree on one thing: Super 1 Day is one of the best and easiest ways to join your peers for an excellent learning experience!

  • “It is so nice to have great teachers and such a fantastic learning environment in my own city! I feel so enlightened leaving this class.”
  • "The hands-on experience was just what I needed. I’m walking away with loads of information!"
  • “I loved the small class size. I had multiple opportunities to ask (and receive quality answers!) from my instructor.”
  • "This is the best opportunity for peer-to-peer instruction in the industry!"

And remember: PPA members receive one service merit for each class they attend.
PPA Membership not required to participate.


All Super 1 Day attendees will receive the bonus pack, featuring offers and discounts from several photographic companies.

See the Bonus Pack

Interested in teaching a Super 1 Day class? 

Applications for the Fall 2019 will be accepted May 27 - July 1.



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