Super①Day Photography Workshops

Twice a year, 100+ locations each time!

Professional development is key to your success as a small business owner and as a photographer. That's why twice a year, over 230 photo workshops are held across the country as photographers open their studio doors to help you become a better photographer or business owner. That’s the premise of the Super①Day photography workshops!

Super①Day classes run for two weeks, once in the Spring and once in the Fall. They allow PPA members and non-members alike to hone their skills and to better the photography industry. Sign up for one and you'll get the opportunity to take daily workshops covering subjects like:

  • Portrait, wedding, landscape, and commercial photography
  • Posing and lighting
  • Digital retouching and workflow
  • Sales and marketing for photographers
    And more!

All photographic classes will be held October 8-22, 2018 so you'll be able to find one that fits your educational needs and your schedule!

The Benefits of Super①Day

First and foremost, Super①Day connects with other photographers in your area. These classes are meant to help you become a better photographer and fit into your busy schedule! 


And while photographers don’t have to be a PPA member to participate, PPA members get an extra bonus from participating: they'll receive one Service Merit for each class attended! These come handy when working towards your PPA photographic degrees

Super 1 Day Bonus Pack

All Super 1 Day attendees will receive the bonus pack, featuring offers and discounts from several photographic companies.

Thank you to our sponsors!
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Find a Class Near You

Don’t miss out on this awesome event! Classes for the October Super①Day are $99 per session, if you register before September 29, 2018. Prices are $120 at the door. We do charge a $25 service fee for any returned checks and, unfortunately, we cannot provide refunds. Check out the upcoming Super 1 Day classes in your area!

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