The Happiness Handbook for High Achievers: Stoics, Circles & Sheepdogs

Fergus Connolly

This book is by an Imaging USA 2021 speaker!

- What can Michael Jordan's best friend, a taxi driver in Chicago, teach you about friendliness?
- How can a long-suffering Greek slave—who never wrote a single word—teach you how to be happier?
- What can both the US Marines and a can of WD-40 teach you about contentment?

Using his entertaining and distinct style of storytelling, Fergus Connolly takes you on a journey in search of the answers to your most pressing questions about happiness and contentment. More than just a how-to guide, this book will broaden your perspective and convince you that the obstacles you face in life are far more widespread than you think.

- Why are so many people still unhappy despite fame and wealth?
- What are the false beliefs preventing you from finding happiness?
- How do you start making changes to find happiness?

By the end of this book you’ll understand the four keys to true contentment— knowing what is important and what isn’t—on your journey through life.