The Content Fuel Framework: How to Generate Unlimited Story Ideas

Melanie Deziel

This book is by an Imaging USA 2021 speaker!

The Content Fuel Framework is an essential handbook for anyone working in content, marketing, communications, teaching you a foolproof system for brainstorming content ideas quickly and easily.

In this bestselling marketing and business communications book, you’ll learn to identify 10 different focuses of content that resonate, and how to tailor them across 10 different formats. You’ll also learn how to continually generate new ideas across all these mediums—and beyond—and how to use a powerful “multiplier” to generate a virtually endless stream of content ideas. 

The Content Fuel Framework takes the pain out of coming up with compelling content, with a foolproof tool that can generate countless exciting ideas and topics that can be applied and multiplied across any number of platforms.

Filled with practical strategies and valuable templates, The Content Fuel Framework is a masterclass in content from a gifted storyteller and internationally recognized leader in native advertising and branded content.