M.Photog.M.Artist.Cr., CPP, F-ASP
About the Class

Photography is not just about figuring out the right aperture, lens sharpness, or camera settings. It’s about more important elements such as “voice”, “emotion”, and “point of view”. It’s about being a visual storyteller. A picture without a story is just that: a superficial picture. Without a story, photography has no depth, no personal meaning, no emotion. An image with a story is the catalyst in triggering a chain reaction of emotions making it memorable, iconic, and impactful. Stories are all about making us excited, laugh, cry or feel empathy for someone else. Kristy Steeves has spent her life as a storyteller, first as an award-winning television journalist of 25 years, and later as a photographer. Kristy, who is a PPA approved juror, will share her approach on how she creates characters for photographic competition and her clients, not only to tell a unique story of each person but to add emotional impact and meaning to their images, through composition, lighting, posing, choice of clothing and props. It is our job to narrate someone’s story in a single frame. Let the image speak. Give it a voice. Kristy invites you to come and create, to find your voice, to write your story. Just like a good book or film that gets you emotionally invested in its characters, photographers can do the same with their images.

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