Chief Executive Officer, PPA
About the Class

Professional photography is on the cusp of its next big boom. Are you a believer? In this eye-opening session, Professional Photographers of America CEO David Trust shows us the future is brighter than ever for those who want to prosper. The only question is whether you will choose to be a part of it. David has led PPA to its most successful years in history and calls on his expertise in business, leadership, branding, and marketing strategy to explore the happy truth about photography in America, and the less-happy reasons some photographers will miss out on the opportunity – after all, success is always a choice. Knowing where to begin, and where to place your priorities as an entrepreneur can be overwhelming. In this program, David will cut through the confusion by exploring the specific components of success as a photographic entrepreneur. Are you a believer or aren’t you? Success is a choice. So… what will it be?

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