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Are You Using Your Free Sales and Marketing Resources?

PPA's Sales and Marketing resources are a great way for photographers to show their clients what sets them apart from the amateurs and helps them to see the difference a professional can make. This interactive campaign offers shareable videos, side…

How to Use Buyer Personas to Reach More Photography Clients

You can't appeal to a target audience if you don't know who you're targeting. Learn how a buyer persona can deepen your understanding of your photography clients and help you adapt your marketing efforts to reach this audience. 

Save Big with PPA’s Member Discount Program

PPA partners with quality photography brands to bring you services and products at a discount. For PPA members, that means money back in your pocket! Save on the services you know and love today.

Pre-Cons Are Too Good to Pass Up!

Pre-conference classes are a big draw for photographers looking to maximize their conference experience. Whether you’re a wedding, portrait, or dog photographer, taking pre-con classes is highly recommended by all those that attend. Pre-con classes are great for professional photographers…

Effective Word-of-Mouth Advertising for Photographers

Build your reputation and community by enlisting clients to promote your services.

Registration for the International Photographic Competition Is Open!

Enter your images into this year’s competition for a chance to compete against your peers, win cash prizes, and accolades. Review the rules and begin submitting your best work today!

Improve Your Photography with the 12 Elements of a Merit Image

Get your images ready to submit into the Merit Image Review for merits toward your PPA degree. Learn more about the 12 Elements and begin evaluating your work from a fresh perspective and applying those concepts to your image making!

How to Design a Backup Solution for Your Photography Business

Create the ultimate data backup plan with these best practices for photographers. Learn about valuable resources for photographers, including PPA's Indemnification Trust and data recovery services, to safeguard your data effectively.  

New PPA Councilors Announced

PPA has appointed a new group of Councilors to help guide the organization. Once elected, PPA council members represent all PPA members in their respective states.