Lighting how-to: Light wands with two subjects

How to light two subjects using two light-stand mounted Polaroid light wands and a reflector

Wall art with heart: A portrait approach that emphasizes prints

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Photo how-to: A vivid portrayal of beauty

How photographer Megan Anderson created her image "Kaleidoscope," which made the cover of Professional Photographer magazine.

Natural light is not enough

"Even if you're shooting entirely outdoors, the ability to augment the light is critical," says photographer Scott Detweiler.

To be a better photographer, get to know light

To be a better professional photographer, understand how to create a full range of highlights and a long range of midtones.

3 Lighting tips from Russ Harrington

Russ Harrington, one of Nashville's favorite celebrity photographers, offers lighting advice.

Light painting: The art, science, and business

In digital light painting, the photographer takes a number of long exposures of a subject in a darkened area using continuous light and then blending those exposures in Photoshop.

Super Soft Silver and Natural White Make a Difference

A new soft silver reflector makes it easy to produce a bright fill light while eliminating hot spots.

Hot One 2016 Picks

Some are new, some are notable. Some are innovatively engineered. Some are handy and some are huge. Some will make your clients swoon.. . They’re

Beauty to go

A new beauty dish with bold modifications to create creamy, crisp light for your photographs

Animal eyes

Because animals' eyes reflect light differently, you have to place catchlights for pet photography specifically

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Master Builder

Lighting of architectural photography is often what separates the pros from everyone else.

Light it right

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Case study: Finding validation

Tracy Page was new to professional photography and she struggled until she found mentors.