More power: Profoto B10 Plus

© Courtesy Profoto

Profoto B10 Plus produces 10 times more light than a speedlight in a unit that’s about the same size as a large lens. Expect a high quality of light that’s natural with a soft falloff. The B10 Plus delivers twice the power of its slightly smaller sibling, the B10, but the price tag is only 25% higher.

The B10 Plus is suitable for still photography as well as video. A dial on the unit lets you adjust brightness and color temperature to blend with ambient light. It uses the same stand adapter and battery as the B10 and has an easily changed battery that can be charged while in use.

All Profoto remotes can be paired with the light, and an app lets you view and control settings from your smartphone. While it’s best suited for the compact Profoto OCF light-shaping tools, the B10 Plus is also compatible with all Profoto umbrellas and RFi Softboxes up to certain sizes. $2,095