Quick Takes
Wow the kids with photos made into coloring pages

Family photographer gives clients coloring pages made from photos

In-person sales: Change one thing to earn three times the revenue

Photographers should modify their sales strategy to incorporate same-day photo reveals right after the photo session

Quick Takes
Tallahassee photographer corrals funds for refugee families

Have an idea for a personal project? “Just do it,” advises Alex Workman.. . . © Alex Workman. . . A combination of personal and world events set Workman’s

Case study: In-person sales and print products saved these studios

If your photography business is struggling, it could be because you're not doing in-person-sales

Meghan Doll portrait photography

Meghan Doll's child, family, and professionals portraiture is captured in her loft studio, where enormous windows cast light onto her subjects and her sets.

Wall art with heart: A portrait approach that emphasizes prints

Family photographer Meghan Doll educates clients about the importance of wall portraits they can display in their home.

All together now

It took five photography studios to capture 10 families to make one heirloom family portraitf.

Giving back in smiles

Golden Hour

Photographer Kansas Pitts has built her business making family portraits on the beach.

Act Two

Participating in photo competitions not only improves your skills, it gives you bragging rights with clients, too.

9 Bar Mitzvah lessons

Photographer Booray Perry notes that bar mitzvahs and bat mitzvahs is an event photography specialty that’s lucrative ... and overlooked.

Quick Takes
Heart lights

Photographer Storey Wilkins explains how to bring warmth to family portraits.