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Creating engaging social media content can be a chore. Before even scheduling your posts, you have to put together images and written content that will be effective at getting clients and prospects to engage with your brand. If you’ve been wishing for a way to make this process less tedious, there’s an app to consider—Social Design App from Fundy Software.

Social Design App is a browser-based tool that automates social media content designs. It comes with numerous templates, so you can pick one that works best for your brand and vibe. As you create content for social accounts, you can return to your favorite template time and time again for brand consistency.

©Betsy Finn
From the dashboard you can create a new design …
©Betsy Finn
or choose an existing one.

After logging in, you’re directed to a dashboard. Here, you can access your previous designs or create a new one (above). A search function allows you to find old projects, or you can scroll through your recent designs.

To create a new design, start by uploading 5 to 12 images. A new screen will then prompt you to enter details about the design: name, three lines of auto text, and your logo (below left). I found that a transparent PNG of your logo is best. The project name is how you’ll find this design later if you need to, and the lines of auto text will appear on various pages of your design, mixed among the images you uploaded.

The next stage is selecting story and carousel themes, which can be the same or different themes (below right). While images are uploading, you can start customizing your designs.

©Betsy Finn
Add images, fill in details for the project, and select your logo.
©Betsy Finn
Choose a carousel design and theme.

At this point, you can call the designs good-to-go or access the Edit interface to tweak text placement and image cropping through six tabs: images, templates, elements, shapes, text, and logos. In these tabs you can add new images, change the template, or add accent design PNGs that are pre-loaded in the app. When you’re satisfied with the design, select the download arrow. The app renders the design panels for export and compresses them into a ZIP file, which downloads to your computer. You simply unzip the file and upload the panels to your social media channels.


Is the Social Design App worth the investment? For the price of two specialty coffees per month, I’d say the time savings alone might make you say, yes. If you’ve been looking for a way to create consistently branded designs for your social media channels, the Social Design App is worth looking into. With Fundy Software adding new templates monthly, you won’t get bored, and you can always customize things, too.

Are there any downsides to using it? You do have to download the files and then upload them to your social media channel. Having an integration with Facebook or Instagram would be amazing, but keep in mind that aside from Canva, most photographer-oriented design software requires you to manually upload to social media. So, I wouldn’t call that a negative but rather par for the course if you want elegant and customized designs.

By keeping things simple and non-app-oriented, the Social Design App remains impartial, meaning it’s not platform specific. You can use the designs on whatever social media you choose. It’s easy enough to try the Social Design App with a free trial download.

The Social Design App is $8 a month after a seven-day trial or is included free with any Fundy Designer subscription. It includes unlimited carousels, unlimited story sets, unlimited projects, automated social designs (with new designs released monthly).

EDIT NOTE: A significant update has recently been released for the Social Design App.

Betsy Finn is a portrait artist in Dexter, Michigan.