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Slay: 2023 Diamond Photographers of the Year

Thirty-three photographers slayed the dragon, so to speak, in 2022—achieving Diamond Photographer of the Year status for 2023. Three of these photography wizards earned Diamond status twice, in both the Photographic Open and Artist categories. Diamond status is earned when all four images a photographer enters in a PPA International Photographic Competition category—Photographic Open, Artist, and Wedding—earn a spot in the Imaging Excellence Collection (formerly the Loan Collection).

Click through the gallery below to see a representative image from each Diamond photographer’s case.

NOTE: The gallery is large and will take a moment to open.

The 2022 edition of the International Photographic Competition marks a historic transition. For decades IPC was the method for members to earn exhibition merits. Beginning this year, members will instead earn those merits through the Merit Image Review process, with the first judging taking place this month. Merits are used toward earning PPA degrees. Images can be submitted in three categories based on the degree a photographer is working toward.

MASTER OF PHOTOGRAPHY DEGREE: Images are judged against PPA’s 12 Elements of a Merit Image benchmark, which considers impact, technical excellence, creativity, style, composition, presentation, color balance, center of interest, lighting, subject matter, technique, and storytelling.

MASTER ARTIST DEGREE: Images have been altered significantly in post-production through digital enhancements, traditional techniques, or a combination of the two. They are judged not just by the finished work but also by the complexity of the process used to achieve the final outcome.

MASTER OF WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY DEGREE: Images are evaluated against the 12 Elements of a Merit Image and must be created in connection with an actual wedding. Images should reflect the personalities of the subjects or the story of the wedding as well as the personality and skills of the image-maker.