©Shannon Squires
©Rosalind Guder
Mistress of the Dragon
©Rob Near
Wet Peloton
©Nelson Charette
The Eyes of March
©Rachel Owen
Deceivers' Dilemma
©Lee Skrobot
Sole Flight
©David B. Watt
Seaside Strut
©Lisa Pertile
Son of the Serengeti
©Mary Jo Allen
Every Which Way
©Myra Thiessen
Who's Laughing Now
©Judy Reinford
Platinum Plumage
©Kimberly J. Smith
©Kevin Dooley Idube Photo Safaris
The Day of the Locust
©Karen A. McCall
Blue Dahlia
©Jeff Johnson
Architectural Illusions
©Campanellie's Fine Art
Lovers Quarrel
©Gigi O'Dea
The Escape
©Janel Valsbort
©Jamie Proctor-Brassard
Feathered Forms
©Dana Rose
Creating Chaos
©Cheri Hammon
Rainforest Generations
©Denise Remfert
©Erin Clemmer
First Lady of Springtime
©Cheryl Moore Nature Images
A Delicate Moment
©Corey McDonald Photography & Portrait Design
Final Season
©Andrew Bowen Studios
Defying Gravity
©Ben Shirk Photography
Free Spirit
©Bruce J. Bonnett
Living on the Water
©Nancy Erickson Photography
A Moment of Zen
©Shannon Squires
Polar Bear Care
©Kimberly J. Smith
Just the Two of Us
©Karen A. McCall
Mother of the Year
©Yedi Koeshendi
I Brought You Lunch
©Heather Harvey Photography
Cinderella Awaits
©Glenda Ritchick
The Wizard
©Cindy Dover
Snowbirds Gone South