How to get your fine art displayed

© Judith Pishnery
Judy Pishnery will speak at Imaging USA 2020.


Passion and creativity may have led you to a fine art photography project. But once you’ve poured your heart into the work, how do you get it seen and sold? Judith Pishnery, who will deliver the educational session “Insider’s Guide to Fine Art Photography” at Imaging USA 2020, offers three tips:

  1. Enter juried competitions. Also participate in portfolio reviews with recognized jurors and reviewers. This gets your work in front of industry leaders and adds credentials to your CV. Before submitting, research the event and the jurors to make sure it’s a good fit. Follow entry instructions carefully, as you may be disqualified for an incomplete or incorrect submission. Set aside money for entry fees and put together an artist bio and artist statement.
  2. Network. Make connections with gallerists, art curators, art consultants, interior designers, and boutique shop owners. Research the who’s who of your local fine art scene, and start building relationships. Have your portfolio, pricing, and promotional materials ready and organized at all times, and be alert for opportunities. Experiment with speaking about your work with others so you get better at presenting yourself as an artist. “This will take some practice,” Pishnery says.
  3. Have an online presence. In addition to a printed portfolio, you need to have a social media presence as well as a professional website. Most gallerists will not meet with you in person until they’ve seen your portfolio online, says Pishnery. So provide plenty of online avenues to your portfolio. 

Amanda Arnold is associate editor of Professional Photographer.