Other Small Business Tax Strategies

Setting up Your Business to Save on Taxes

Post-Wedding Workflow with Vanessa Joy

Onboarding Process with Mike Dawkins

Organizing & Tracking Assets with Lauren Mihae

Print Sales & Albums

Your Virtual Storefront

Managing Personal & Business Finances with Lauren Mihae

Dynamic Pricing

Building & Maintaining Relationships: Photographers

Building & Maintaining Relationships: Vendors

Building & Maintaining Relationships: Clients

The Power of IG Stories

Using Instagram to Highlight Your Brand

Marketing Strategies with Lauren Mihae

Choosing the Right Equipment

Portfolio Collection: Planning a Styled Shoot

Portfolio Collection: Styled Shoots

Portfolio Collection: Appeal to Your Target Audience

Website Design & Visual Experience

Determining Your Brand Image with Lauren Mihae

Introduction into Marketing & Branding

Copyright Protection with Mike Dawkins

Teamwork with Mike Dawkins

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