About the Class

It's no secret that you are busy as a photographer and business owner. Even though you are great at taking pictures, chances are nobody taught you how to maximize your time, minimize your hassle, and allocate as much energy as possible to thrilling your clients and earning money. Pat will show you how to break free from your overburdened schedule and taxed to-do list during this webinar. Are there any tasks you should stop doing? What can you do to get more done in less time? Would you like to be able to work twice as fast and feel like you're in the flow? We can achieve all of this by leaning into our work, which will allow us to spend as much time as possible growing the business. This webinar is a preview of Pat's presentation at Imaging USA titled "More Money, Less Work - Make Good Choices to Get More Things Done," a journey into business meaning, action, and results that will add dollars to your bottom line. 

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