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Tallahassee photographer corrals funds for refugee families

Have an idea for a personal project? “Just do it,” advises Alex Workman.. . . © Alex Workman. . . A combination of personal and world events set Workman’s

A personal project redefined David Peters’ photography business

Well into his career, photographer David Peters realized that the true value of his work was not the portraits he made but the emotion they inspired.

How one photographer tackled a book project

Portrait photographer Tera Girdardin shares lessons from self-publishing a photo book

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Photographer’s personal project leads to nonprofit launch

Portrait photographer David Peters founded Passion Voice, a faith-based nonprofit dedicated to helping abused children.

How to run a charitable marketing campaign

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Jeremy Cowart’s humanitarian hotel

Celebrity photographer Jeremy Cowart's Purpose Hotel will let guests give to charity

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Houston photographer offers free portraits to teens affected by floods

Photographer Tomayia Colvin stepped in to help Texas flood victims get their high school senior photographs.

Giving back in smiles

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A story in every face

Portrait photographer Randy Bacon's 7 Billion Ones campaign features stories of everyday people facing adversity

Ask the experts: Charity auctions

Donating to charitable auctions let you do good while you market your photography services.

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Gratitude Envisioned

Photographer Bill Aron published an uplifting portrait book about cancer survivors.