Register your drone

What’s the first thing you’ll do when you get your new drone—take it out to the backyard and start flying? Of course not! You’ll register it with the FAA.

Whether you’re flying a drone recreationally or commercially, the FAA dictates that before you fly outside you must:

  • Register your UAS if it weighs more than 0.55 pounds and less than 55 pounds.
  • Label your UAS with your registration number.
  • Read and understand all safety guidelines.

Do it here: The cost is $5 for three years.

Warning: Don’t Google “drone registration” and click on any old official-looking URL that turns up on the first page. A number of sites have sprouted that appear to be legit U.S. government agencies but are actually private companies. And, bless their hearts, they’re willing to register your drone at a markup of 500 percent.