Photo gallery: Charmi Patel Peña’s wedding magic

© Charmi Patel Peña Charmi Patel PeñaCharmi Patel Peña describes herself as an extroverted extrovert, so she's more than equipped to photograph the large multi-day, multi-ceremony weddings her target clientele host. The daughter of Indian immigrants, Peña's upbringing armed her with an understanding of the significant rituals, symbols, and details of these weddings. “Forty things are going on at the same time, and you have to know what to look for,” she says.Her clients appreciate that she brings a modern sensibility to her photography. "Indian wedding photography historically was a little more traditional, posed, and very involved,” she says. “Indian couples were happy to find someone who saw it through a romantic and emotional lens.” RELATED: Learn more about Peña's wedding business.