Let the Creativity Flow

Sometimes we get into a rut and need to infuse our work with new creativity, says Kevin Dooley, M.Photog. Dooley will deliver the  educational session “Loving and Living Life Through Creativity,” at Imaging USA in Nashville next month. Here, he offers tips on how to keep creativity alive in your work and in your life. 

  • Clear negative ideas from your mind to create space for happy thoughts. Happy thoughts make you a more creative person.
  • While listening to music, close your eyes and meditate on images you’d like to create and how you’re going to create them.
  • Go on walks in nature, looking for shapes, patterns, textures, and types of lighting you could mimic in your work.
  • Eat brain foods like berries, salmon, and oats, and exercise regularly.
  • Do positive things for other people, which raises the endorphins in your body, making you happier and more creative. “I have heard that if you compliment 10 to 15 people a day, it increases your lifespan that many years,” Dooley says. 

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