Competition and Awards Press Room / Latest Certified Professional Photographers

Congratulations to our November 2022 CPPs!


Karen Ammerman Mitcheltree, CPP – Morris, PA  
Robert D. Betka, JR, CPP – Grand Rapids, MI  
Jennifer M. Bishop, CPP – Newfields, NH  
Nicole J. Brecht, CPP – Cleveland, AL  
Kimberly Freeman Bryant, CPP – Summerville, SC  
Joey Campbell, CPP – Pearl, MS  
Nelly Cirminello, CPP – Brownsville, TX  
Ashley Cooke, CPP – Bulverde, TX  
Leah Custer, CPP – Charlotte, NC  
David Davies, MPhotogCr, CPP – Raleigh, NC  
Minvi Duncan, CPP – Allen, TX  
Salma Elabdouni, CPP – Laval, QC
Christopher James Firmin, CPP – Covington, LA  
Domiano Chirwatsi Gomba, CPP – Norwood, MA  
Bryn Hafemeister, CPP – Austin, TX  
Jill Huisken, CPP – Irvine, CA  
Greg Lamb, CPP – Central City, KY  
Gil Lee, CPP – Ashburn, VA  
Suzie Lee, CPP – Ashburn, VA  
Changwei Lin, CPP – Houston, TX  
Kermit Llaurador, CPP – Sandy Springs, GA  
Doug Mall, CPP – Apex, NC  
Mette McConnell, CPP – Corinth, TX  
Maureen T. Miller, CPP – Palatine, IL  
Dawn M. Miller, CPP – Mansfield, TX  
Marie Nuchols, CPP – Denton, TX  
Christy Parrott, CPP – Henderson, TX  
Katie Scott, CPP – Santa Cruz, CA  
Robert Neill Stewart, CPP – Cartersville, GA  
Carly A. Sullens, CPP – Saint Louis, MO  
Christopher Thumm, CPP – Lexington Park, MD  
Alejandro Vargas, CPP – Conroe, TX  
Rachael Venema, CPP – Ripon, CA