Certified professional photographer credential speaks volumes

PPA's certified professional photographer credential is something consumers understand.

Quick Takes
President’s Message: Perception vs. reality

PPA President Audrey Wancket writes about the community of photographers who make up PPA.

Quick Takes
The dramatic history of Professional Photographers of America

"The Challenge to Succeed: 150 years of Professional Photographers of America" chronicles the oldest professional association for working photographers.

Caroll Michels: Advice on prospering as an artist

Caroll Michels offers tips on how to make money as an artist and a photographer. It starts with eliminating negativity

4 steps to diffusing anger

Four steps to diffusing anger and opening up communication with an angry client, employee, or family member

Befriending fear: Harness what scares you

"Chief fear boss" Judi Holler says the best way to get over fear is to use it.

A personal project redefined David Peters’ photography business

Well into his career, photographer David Peters realized that the true value of his work was not the portraits he made but the emotion they inspired.

How you know you’ve made it as a pro photographer

Five photographers reflect on what it means to be a professional