Team USA clinches 2018 World Photographic Cup

After losing the World Photographic Cup to Portugal for the past two years, Team USA reclaimed the top spot for 2018. Competition results were announced May 6 in Sydney, Australia, with 30 countries represented. WPC pits teams of photographers from various countries against one another in friendly competition. 

The top 10 WPC images in each category for 2018:


Illustration / Digital Art



Reportage / Photojournalism


Created in 2013 through a partnership between the Federation of European Photographers and Professional Photographers of America, the World Photographic Cup allows professional photographers to have their work evaluated by a group of international judges and to compete against the best of the best from around the world. As with the Olympic Games, individual photographers stand to earn gold, silver, and bronze medals in the various categories. Teams are then awarded points based on where their teammates placed in the top 10 of each photography category. The team with the highest score secures first place.