Sigma sd Quattro H delivers high image quality

The Sigma sd Quattro H is the first camera to feature the newly developed APS-H size Foveon X3 Quattro direct image sensor with 51-megapixel equivalent resolution (1.3x crop factor). Three layers of photodiodes—red, green, blue—means there’s no need for a low-pass filter to correct for interference caused by a color filter array. This results in exceptional detail and nuanced color gradations. DNG raw is supported for compatibility with Lightroom and other programs, along with Sigma’s X3F raw plus JPEG format.

A Super-Fine Detail exposure mode lets you capture seven different exposures with one press of  the shutter. The Sigma Photo Pro software converts files into noiseless images with an impressive dynamic range. This function is particularly suited for studio work on a tripod. 

The Sigma sd Quattro H is compatible with Sigma Global Vision Art, Sports, and Contemporary line lenses. $1,199

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