Super Soft Silver and Natural White Make a Difference



What makes Rogue’s reflector stand out from others on the market is the quality of their super soft silver fabric. Rogue designed the muted silver side material to produce a bright fill light while eliminating hot spots. The super soft silver fabric is bright but not as harsh as traditional silver reflectors. These improvements make it easier to use than a traditional silver reflector. The 32-inch reflector sports “natural white” material on the flip side. Rogue’s literature notes that Natural White is a very neutral fabric with no need to worry about the white material imparting bluish hues to your images. When collapsed in its storage bag, the reflector measures 12 inches in diameter, the perfect size to stow in most gear bags. The Rogue 2-in-1 Collapsible Reflector retails for $29.95.

Tags: gear  lighting