Refreshing the Narrative

©Dario Calmese

What does it mean to be Black in the world of photography? A new book, “As We See It: Artists Redefining Black Identity,” features 30 Black image makers who’ve challenged stereotypes to provide a richer portrait of Black identity.

©Nadine Ijewere

Fashion photographer Nadine Ijewere set out to disrupt the exclusionary beauty standards she saw in editorial fashion by photographing subjects she felt were underrepresented or misrepresented in the media.

©Campbell Addy

Photographer and filmmaker Campbell Addy collaborated with Getty Images to create stock photos of diverse subjects and address the lack of nonwhite representation in stock photography.

©Davey Adesida

Celebrity and editorial photographer Davey Adesida uses Kodak film to create soft, nostalgic portraits of Black subjects. “I want Black people to be seen in a softer manner because we’re seen as aggressive and dramatic most of the time,” he says.   

Amanda Arnold is a senior editor.