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Profoto’s special offers: The perfect pairing

What is most important for your on-location shoots? Is it portability, ease of use, or reliability? If you're nodding to all three, Profoto has lined up some exciting offers just for you!

Up to 600 USD off on the Profoto B10X-series
The B10X and B10X Plus are designed to have versatility, adaptability, & simplicity built in. They’re both multipurpose, making them ideal for shooting both video & stills. Buy a Profoto B10X or B10X Plus and get 300 USD off on your purchase. Make it a double and save 600 USD on your Duo Kit purchase!

Up to 45% off on OCF Softboxes

Loved for their ability to create various lighting effects, softboxes are a must-have for almost every photo shoot! Choose any OCF Softbox, and benefit from up to 45% discount. The discount is already included in the price.

Save up to 25% on Profoto OCF Beauty Dishes

Designed for photographers who don’t want to compromise on the quality of portable lighting, the OCF Beauty Dish creates a creamy yet crisp light, and flawlessly pairs with our battery-driven monolights.

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