PPA consumer research reveals photography client expectations

When professional photographers fail, it’s often not about their photography. Many lose their way because they don’t understand the market. They don’t anticipate consumer expectations and aren’t correctly targeting their brand to the things clients want. For example, most photographers wouldn’t guess the No. 1 reason clients choose a specific photographer to work with. (Hint: It’s not the quality of their images and it’s not price.)

Sometimes photographers just don’t understand all that goes into being a successful entrepreneur. The result is that many photographers miss the mark in delivering an experience and a product selection that resonates with potential buyers.

To help bridge the gap between photographers and consumers, Professional Photographers of America has released survey data that sheds light on consumer attitudes and behaviors. Using data collected by a third-party research firm, PPA has compiled a report that delves into the needs, expectations, and perceptions of today’s photography buyers.

To get inside the minds of consumers, check out the report, “Photography Consumer Research,” available online now to PPA members.