Photo gallery: Ike & Tash’s fashionable teens

© Ike & Tash Tash and Ike Haynes will speak at Imaging USA 2020.Photographers Ike and Tash Haynes of Ike & Tash have found that building relationships with the teens in their community comes first in business. It also makes for confidence-building portrait sessions."We are really invested in our young people," says Tash Hayes, who worked in youth development before becoming a photographer. "The actual photography is secondary to what we offer our seniors and our community."She takes it as her calling to help young people see themselvs in a positive, self-esteem-boosting way, and it makes her want to give her best for them, she says."I know the difference that good photography can make in terms of conficence," she says.See for yourself.RELATED: More on the Ike & Tash business