Photo gallery: Angela Forker’s Precious Baby Project

© Angela ForkerAngela Forker’s series “The Precious Baby Project” is intended to raise awareness for special needs babies. She makes the images at no charge for the families, many of whom have reached out to her after seeing her photos online.Since babies with special needs often can't sit up or walk, it's difficult to know how to photograph them, Forker says. But for this style of portraiture, which emulates photographer Adele Enersen's work, all they need to do is lie on the floor. Forker photographs them with a full-frame camera and a 35mm lens, safely standing on a photographer's step ladder at the base of the scene -- never directly above the child. Her inspiration for the scenes? Sometimes, it's a particular hobby or occupation the parents imagine for their child. Sometimes other themes are at play. For example, for one baby whose spina bifida had caused her body to bend from face to feet into a V, she created a scene in which bears on a seesaw have playfully popped the child up into the air.