Make Home Work Work

Whether you routinely work from home as a “solopreneur” or you’ve found yourself temporarily working from home due to the coronavirus pandemic, staying productive while keeping a sound work-life balance can be challenging. Here’s help for staying on task while working in relative isolation.

SPECIFY STANDARD WORK HOURS. Avoid the temptation to sleep in one day and stay up late working the next. Having set work hours allows your brain to relax and recharge during downtime.

CREATE THE IDEAL TECHNOLOGY SETUP. Are you better on a laptop or using multiple monitors and a stand-up desk? Test a variety of setups to see which is best for your efficiency and comfort.

DESIGNATE A ROOM AS YOUR WORKSPACE. And also assign work-free rooms—for example, the den and the kitchen—so you can separate personal from professional time. 

PICK YOUR BEST BACKGROUND NOISE. Is the silence of home deafening? Are the kids screaming in the family room? Try TV, music, podcasts, and noise-cancelling headphones to select a running sound (or lack of) that elevates your focus.

STAY MOTIVATED. Working alone can feel aimless. Prioritize your tasks, create a checklist, and reward yourself with small treats for completing the items on your list—going for a walk, getting a coffee, or watching a comedy later.

MINIMIZE DISTRATIONS. Leverage technology to quiet that technology. To stay on task, switch your phone to airplane mode and turn off computer email notifications. 

Source: Shama Hyder