Instant Impression

Courtesy Fujifilm

Fujifilm’s Instax Square Link smartphone printer makes printing a breeze. Transfer client-favorite selects or even a video frame to your phone and hand them a print at the end of a session. Maybe you’ll want to make prints to include in special occasion cards so clients keep you in mind through the year.

Use the associated app to add your own touch. Sketch, edit, and print options let you brand and personalize your creations by taking a photo of your signature, watermark, or sketch and applying it to the image. When your client puts their print on a fridge or cork board, your brand will be front and center in their home.

To be a little extra, delve into the augmented reality features. Design or select the effect you want in the app, then add the QR code wherever you want it on the image. Viewers use their phone to see the effects on the print. The app includes a calendar you can use to set reminders for important dates to send clients a cute print for congratulations, birthday wishes, an anniversary, or a holiday. The printer supports JPEG, PNG, HEIF, and DNG file formats.

The Instax Square Link is $139.95, and a film pack of 10 exposures is $15.75.  

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