In Red and Blue

It can be difficult to present a fresh perspective of an oft photographed locale. But with the help of Adobe Lightroom, French photographer Aishy was able to present St. Peter’s Basilica in new hues.

During a road trip in Italy, Aishy stopped in Rome to photograph Vatican City using his Sony a7R III and an assortment of lenses. “At the time I did not particularly know how I was going to be able to treat this series,” he explains. “On my return, by opening Lightroom, it was almost obvious.” After some testing, he settled on a balance of colors between red and blue that didn’t compete with one another.

“Inspired by science fiction and cinematographic shots, my ambition is to offer an alternative vision of our environment,” he says. He’s so pleased with the series that he’s thinking of photographing other monuments and chapels in the same spirit. 

Amanda Arnold is a senior editor.