Grand Imaging Award goes to Ella Carlson

Ella Carlson, M.Photog.M.Artist.Cr., CPP, EA-ASP, was named the 2019 Grand Imaging Award winner by Professional Photographers of America. Carlson the took top prize for her non-event album, “Most Wanted,” which depicts fantastical mythical creatures. 

Ella Carlson with Stephen Thetford and Doran Wilson
© Professional Photographers of America
Ella Carlson with PPA President Stephen Thetford, M.Photog.Cr., CPP (left), and Doran Wilson,
M.Photog.MEI.Cr., CPP, F-ASP 

2019’s Grand Imaging Awards were held in January at Imaging USA in Atlanta. The best photography in 10 categories from last year’s International Photographic Competition was celebrated. (Click the category names below to see the finalists for each.)

The top three photographers in each category were awarded tropies: 

Animal Portrait

  1. Erich Caparas, M.Photog., “Mommy Dearest”
  2. Rebecca Pickrel, CPP, “Feeling a Little Cooped Up”
  3. Travis Patenaude, “Bitches”


  1. Cristie Reddehase, M.Photog.M.Artist.Cr., “Masterpiece”
  2. Mark Sweeney, M.Photog.M.Artist.,Cr., “Stitchin’ Kitchen”
  3. John Malboeuf, “We Are Family!”

Children’s Portrait

  1. Shannon Toews, “A Heart Like a Wildflower”
  2. Sylwia Ok, M.Photog., CPP, “Softly Weeping”
  3. Marnie Clagett, CPP “The Face I Show the World”

Event Album

  1. Roben Bellomo, M.Photog.Cr., CPP, “Honor Flight: a documentary”
  2. Mario Muñoz, M.Photog.Cr., “Sheila and Sergio”
  3. Cindy Dover, M.Photog., CPP, “Matt and Haleigh”

General Portrait

  1. Kimberly Smith, M.Photog.M.Artist.Cr., CPP, “Leaving with Dignity”
  2. Heather Vanderpool, M.Photog., CPP, “Desert Sage”
  3. Cristie Reddehase, M.Photog.M.Artist.Cr., “Darkness Rising”

High School Senior Portrait

  1. Joshua Hanna, CPP, “More than Music”
  2. Lisa Jones, CPP, “Lilly”
  3. David Shields, CPP, “Oh the Places She Will Go”

Illustrative & Commercial   

  1. Erich Caparas, M.Photog., “Golden Lace”
  2. Lisa Saad, “No Title”
  3. Teri Whittaker, M.Photog.Cr., CPP, “Elegant in Maturity”

Landscape & Nature

  1. Chris Vander Velde, M.Photog., “Feathered Frenzy”
  2. Coleen Graybill, M.Photog., CPP, “Transition”
  3. Ralph Allen, M.Photog.Cr., “Last Field to Plant”

Non-Event Album

  1. Ella Carlson, EA-ASP, M.Photog.M.Artist.Cr., CPP, “Most Wanted”
  2. Cris Duncan, M.Photog.M.Artist.Cr., CPP, “Bon Appétit”
  3. Bob Coates, EA-ASP, M.Photog.M.Artist.Cr., CPP, “Stairway Architecture”


  1. Mario Muñoz, M.Photog.Cr., “Divine”
  2. Francie Baltazar Stonestreet, M.Photog.Cr., CPP, “Sacred Moment”  
  3. Michael Anthony, “Reign”