GIVEAWAY: StellaPro Reflex S

Courtesy Light & Motion

The StellaPro Reflex S from Light & Motion is a continuous strobe hybrid offering continuous LED lighting and Digital Burst, a technology that allows capture of up to 20 frames per second without any compromise in performance or power. The bursts can be full power, at any shutter speed, without misfiring or overheating.

Courtesy Light & Motion

The StellaPro Reflex S has a weatherproof enclosure and is drop tested to 1 meter. It can be controlled remotely by Godox or Elinchrom triggers and weighs 1.7 pounds, including the battery. The battery can deliver 15,000 full-power, 5 millisecond bursts on a single charge, and the Reflex can also be powered by 100W USB-C power sources. The battery runtime on continuous mode is from 30 to 600 minutes depending on power usage, and charging time is two hours. The StellaPro Reflex S is valued at $1,096.

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