©Jim Dratfield / From “Her Horse: A Celebration in Words and Pictures,” published by G Editions

Equine Love

Once a working actor, Jim Dratfield transitioned to professional photography years ago and now travels the country capturing the wealthy—and often famous—with their adored pets. His latest book, “Her Horse: A Celebration in Words and Pictures” (G Editions), is a collection of his  favorite girl-and-her-horse portraits. It includes images of celebrities such as actress Kaley Cuoco and comedian Whitney Cummings. The book’s forward was penned by professional equestrian Georgina Bloomberg, daughter of former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Along with the photographs, the book includes horse-related quotations from the portrait subjects as well as other luminaries, including Albert Einstein and Queen Elizabeth II. “Of my 13 books, this one contains perhaps my most rewarding work,” says Dratfield.

A portion of the book’s proceeds will be donated to the Equus Foundation.

Amanda Arnold is the associate editor.