Editor’s Note: Behind the Scenes


Every small business owner, regardless of industry, has to hustle. For photographers, a big part of that hustle is the meticulous planning, preparation, and execution for each client session. There are the elements you can control, such as location and lighting, and there are elements that are out of your hands, like your subject’s mood and the weather. On the other side of the session are the images you create.

When you look at those photos, you may recall the newborn who looks so peaceful had finally fallen asleep after a crying jag, and that the bride had to borrow her mother’s lipstick to get just the right shade for her close-up.

But what does the general public—in particular, a potential client—see in your images? They have no idea how much work goes into “how the sausage is made,” so to speak. They may not even realize they are curious.

This is where your hustle pays off.

Wedding photographer Stanley Babb of South Florida-based Stanlo Photography (“Beautiful Intent,” June 2024) has found a way to capitalize on those behind-the-scenes moments to both delight his current clients and attract new ones. His team includes a content creator who documents every moment of a session. The footage is then edited and shared on Babb’s social media. Often, Babb says, clients who originally did not pay for the package that includes video footage will see his TikTok clips and promptly contact him for copies. Potential clients also reach him through the posts. “It’s a no-brainer,” to record and promote those extras, he says. And now they earn him a passive income from TikTok on the side.

What does the general public—in particular, a potential client—see in your images? They have no idea how much work goes into “how the sausage is made,” so to speak.

Melanie Lasoff Levs

Your photographs are worth as much as the time, effort, and talent you put into them. A typical shutter speed is just a fraction of a second. What happens outside of that singular moment has so much value, just waiting to be captured.

That’s why we’re looking for behind-the-scenes images for a new backpage feature in the magazine. We want to showcase the typically off-camera views that complement your stunning images. Show us the gravity-defying pose you managed to hold for long enough to get the perfect angle. Take a photo of the lighting setup for a passion project or the aftermath of a wild confetti-filled celebration. Share the “before” image of you preparing the set for a newborn or child session. We are looking for images of photographers at work, bringing what’s typically behind the camera to the forefront. Send them to us at [email protected] for possible inclusion in a future issue (and we’ll be in touch if we want to use your submission).

Even if we don’t choose your image for our feature, as Stanley Babb says, it’s a no-brainer to share those on your social media. Potential clients love having a peek at what it’s like to work with you.

The effort that goes into what happens before and after the shutter clicks may sometimes be exhausting and underappreciated, but we all know how crucial it is to success. Maybe one of your behind-the-scenes images will inspire another member to keep up the hustle.

Melanie Lasoff Levs is director of publications.